Engelberth - 07

Queer Boyfriend Tries On Swimsuits After Shopping Spree

Your queer boyfriend Engelberth has come back from a shopping spree with a handful of swimsuits. He wants to try them all on for you, knowing that it’s going to make your cock throbbing hard!

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Engelberth returns gleefully, carrying bags. He just acquired a bunch of swimwear and needs your advice on which one to wear. For the next beach season, he plans to look and feel his best. He undresses to try them on, and does so in public. However, your lustful thoughts are being stoked by your gaze at him. You make him turn around as you pull his briefs down to his round butt.

He gets on his knees to undo your pants and has a feel for you. You can tell by the look on his face that he enjoys giving you a blowjob. When he returns to face you, you fuck him in classic cowboy fashion. As he masturbates himself with his face up, you insert your cock into his ass. You both continue to have sex in a variety of positions until you finally decide to have him pull his tongue out, at which point you jerk off of yourself and load over his mouth and tongue.

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