Joaquin Santana - 02

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Your roommate Joaquin Santana is feeling hot, so he strips down to his briefs. You notice his firm erection, and feel your own cock hardening at his tight body. It’s time for the first gay sex between the pair of you!

This room is very warm. Because of the scorching weather, Joaquin Santana strips down to his pants. When you look at him, you notice an incredible figure, well defined muscles, a lovely face… Take off whatever you’re wearing, he says. Still sweating profusely, he turns on the air conditioning and grabs a dish of ice cubes before telling you that he has an idea. What is he going to do?

You see him coming to you and kneeling. While giving you the evil eye, he grabs an ice cube and presses it on you. The contrast between the ice cube’s coolness and the intensity of the circumstance stimulates you. He takes the ice cube and blows on you while it’s still in his mouth. Then he sits on you, and you fuck his a$$ with your dick. While he masturbates, you engage in cowboy and doggy sex with him. When he lies down at the end, you jerk off and come over his lips as he cums over his own body in a masturbatory climax. This is the most effective method of cooling down.

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