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Tattooed Spanish thug Aday Traun lets you indulge your bad boy fantasies as he wanks naked for you in virtual reality.

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Aday Traun is a bad boy. Or at least, he certainly looks the part of a thug, with his tattoos, muscular body, and permanent scowl. This is a man who takes no prisoners, not in the bedroom, and not even when he’s masturbating alone. Cum join him in 3D immersive extra reality, and he’ll give you one of the most intense solo gay masturbation shows you will have ever experienced in VR. Aday lives hard, fights hard, plays hard, fucks hard, and faps hard too. He strokes his thick cock like it is his gay lover’s, while all the time fingering his tight ass while he looks straight into your eyes across the bed. You will be so close to the action and so immersed in the scene in your headset, you will surely feel his sperm splatter your skin as he finally rubs his cock into an explosive ejaculation.

VRBGay - CocknRoll

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VRBGay - Cock N Roll

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Aday Traun gay vr cumshot stomach masturbation

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