VirtualRealGay - Pavel Sora - Long Shower

Gym Stud Pavel Sora Takes A Naked Shower After Workout

Gym stud Pavel Sora has just had a hard and sweaty workout, and now he wants you to join him naked in the shower.

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When you’re as hot as Pavel Sora is, you’re permanently horny at the sexiness of your own body, and how good it would be for another guy to show his appreciation for it. Unfortunately, Pavel is home alone after a hard and sweaty workout in the gym. But he’d like you to join him in the shower, in order for you to really get an up close and personal view of his magnificent physique. First, he takes off his top and flexes his biceps. He can feel the size and strength of his bulging biceps. He can also feel his dick getting hard at the thought of it inside some tight ass, using those biceps to hold in place the butt that he is pounding balls deep. He becomes completely naked, his penis erect, and climbs into the shower, feeling so fucking horny. He knows that you are with him in immersive 3D virtual reality, and it’s making him so hard that he has to start almost immediately to stroke his stiff cock. He’s going to masturbate it increasingly harder, increasingly excited at the thought of you jerking off there with him. Just imagine how much thick sperm this hunk is going to splash all over you in 3D VR!

Pavel Sora Czech gay VR pornstar

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Pavel Sora in Long Shower

VirtualRealGay - Pavel Sora - Long Shower

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