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Nothing can stop him now that the day has come. Immortality is on the horizon for Sailor as she prepares to transform into a vampire, a monster of the night. In order to change him, Andre Cruise and Craig Marks are present. After Sailor takes Andre’s blood, he lets out a groan. According to Craig, Sailor is now his, and he has an obligation to take care of him and ensure his happiness. Sailor and Andre should begin it immediately.

They drop down on one knee in front of Craig and begin to blowjob him with their tongues and lips, satisfying his every demand. To continue their threesome, they retire to bed and engage in more caresses, kisses, and a lengthier blowjob. After that, Sailor caresses Andre while Craig inserts his cock inside his ass. After switching places, Craig fucks Sailor in the ass, Andre fucks him, and Craig masturbating gazes at them. After such a fantastic sex session, the three of them groan and come.

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