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VR Gym Sex With Tattooed Stud Igor Lucios

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Working out with Igor Lucios is always fun, but at the same time, it’s kind of distracting too. It’s not easy to concentrate on your form, when you’ve got some tattooed hunk next to you lifting iron, his toned muscles bulging even more with every rep. You find that the bulge in your pants is growing too, and is in desperate need to join in the workout. You unzip your pants to reveal to Igor your hard and throbbing cock. He immediately understands your needs, and starts to do a few reps on your dick with his tongue. The next set is even more exciting, as he performs deep thrusts with his mouth on it. But the real workout is only just beginning. He’s going to mount your pole with his tight butt, and perform a few sexy gymnastics routines on it!

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