Pietro Duarte - 04

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Pietro Duarte and you are at your parents’ place, folding laundry. He compliments your parents for a while, but then admits that he recognises the house as belonging to them, but that he just cannot contain his desire to have sex with you any more. After a while of his touching you, you’ll feel eager enough to fuck him. However, silence is required while they are resting.

He takes off your clothes and gives you a passionate blowjob, bringing your dick gently into his mouth so you can feel the heat of his large lips on your dick. You’re both feeling really excited, and you decide to have some sex. He assumes the dog stance so you may insert your scrotum into his crotch. Then you massage his chest muscles while he rotates around and fucks him in a missionary fashion. He can also do the reverse cowboy. He finally gives up and cums all over you. However, once he finishes sucking your dick, he gives you another blowjob so you may come inside his mouth.

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