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You always dreamed of fucking a fireman, and your hunky gay boyfriend obliges with some sexy cosplay sex!

You and Johnny Viper decided to spice up your relationship with a little cosplay. Johnny takes on the role of a firefighter, muscles flexing as he skips the shirt. Playing along, you feign urgency, summoning him for a fictional fire in your room. As you both dive into your roles, a deeper desire kindles within you: witnessing Johnny in character stirs a primal longing, fueling intense arousal.

Seeing the “fire” in your pants, Johnny strips both of you down, revealing his own arousal. He leans in for a blowjob before initiating passionate sex. Exploring various positions like cowboy, doggy, and reverse cowboy, the heat of the cosplay scenario intensifies the passion. The ambiance remains charged as you both climax through mutual masturbation.

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