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You and Andre met online in a forum dedicated to those with a vampire fetish. You both love to roleplay as horny bloodsucking vampires, and at last you’ve found one another to play out your darkest fantasies. After drinking some wine at a suitably gothic themed table complete with candels, you both start to feel intensely horny. You both go into the bedroom and the stiff cocked Andre wastes no time in getting your pants off and giving you a passionate and sloppy blowjob. This guy’s vampire lust knows no limit, and after he’s had a good taste of your cock, he tries out your ass with his tongue. Now you both have raging boners, and it’s time for some serious gay butt fucking. You take it in turns stretching each other’s asses with the pounding of your throbbing cocks. There isn’t going to be any bloodsucking tonight, but there is going to be plenty of sperm swallowing!

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