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You’re doing your laundry when somehow, you manage to get your head stuck in the machine. What’s even more embarassing is that you are only wearing your boxer shorts! Luckily for you, handsome roommate Andrei Breez comes into the room and is eager to help you out of your predicament. But he is so turned on at the sight of you kneeling helpless with your tight ass in the air, that his dick is growing big and hard. The cheeky young man offers to pull your head free….but only if you let him bang your ass first! Horny Andrei slides his dick into your ass balls deep and gives you a good fucking. Then he pulls out before he has ejaculated, and then pulls you out of the washing machine. You are so grateful that you immediately put his still throbbing dick into your mouth and give him a sloppy blowjob. But Andrei isn’t finished with you yet. He spreads your legs and gives you a final balls deep pounding until he is ready to shoot his sperm all over your body!

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